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Ann Richens

by Jane from Dublin

Ann Richens
Ann Richens

To me, a hero is someone who is always dedicating their life, time, and effort to others. Some examples of this is someone who is inspiring, encouraging, and helpful. My hero is Ann Richens, my Irish Dance teacher.

Ann is inspiring by the many wonders of her endless creativity. She is most famously known for her own famous dance, The Treasures of Ireland. Also, she has started an Irish Dance school and works extremely hard to make and keep children, adults, strangers, and dancers 100% happy.

Ann is encouraging by just being cheerful, kind, and loving to everyone. When I first joined Irish Dance the first thing that happened to me was a big huge hug from her. That made me feel happy and proud to be in the strange new environment, and feel good about the new world lying ahead.

Ann is helpful by always holding out a hand to anyone in need. If I ever mess up a step, instead of yelling at me, she would calmly offer assistance and work her hardest to get it to be right. She is always very kind about it. Ann never gives up and always tries her best for everything.

On top of all that, Ann was born in Dublin, Ireland, and has been transforming young dancers into champions for over 25 years. Ann has a World Champion to her credit as well, John Timm. I'm glad that I will always be able to look up to Ann and she has been a huge star in my life. Thank you for reading about Ann Richens, my #1 hero!

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