Lifesavers Heroes

Alison Rinehart

by Angela from Pickerington

Left:Alison Rinehart   --- Right:Her boyfriend
Left:Alison Rinehart --- Right:Her boyfriend


A hero isn't someone who flies around or has superpowers, or someone who's a movie star. A hero is someone that you can look up to and trust with your life. They're always there for you and wouldn't turn their back on you. They're someone that helps you out when you need it, and would never think of hurting you.


The reason it's important to have a hero is so that you have someone to watch your back and make sure you're safe. You need someone that you can go to and tell your problems to. You know you can go to them, and they won't judge you. It could be a best friend, a parent, a grandparent, or even a sibling.


The person I chose as my hero is my best friend, Alison Rinehart. She fits my description of a perfect Hero. She's always been there for me since I've known her. I know I can tell her anything and she wouldn't judge me. She's nice, helpful, and cheerful. She would take a bullet for me (I think).

Hero Hall of Fame:

Alison deserves to be in the hero hall of fame, if one existed, because she can fit into anyone's definition of a hero. She's always there for a person and would never turn her back on a friend in need. Alison is probably one of the most trustworthy friends anyone can come across. Whoever has the benefit of being her friend is extremely lucky.

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