by Edgar from Newark


A$AP ROCY is one of my favorite rappers. Ive been listening to him since the fifth grade which was 4 years ago. He is in my top 5 favorite rappers. His first album was called Long.Live.A$AP which was released in 2011. My favorite song from that album is Angels. He was born on October 3rd 1988 and he is 28 years old. He has been rapping since he was nine when he moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I chose this rapper as my hero because I've been listening to him for a very long time and he inspires me. He is my favorite rapper because he raps really good and I like his songs. His newest album is "Cozy Tapes" which was released in 2016. My favorite song from that album is called "London Town" featuring A$AP MOB,A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, and A$AP Ant. Some of the other songs that I like are really good but there are a lot of bad words but I still listen to him no matter what.

A$AP Rocky is in a group which is called A$AP MOB since 2006. The crew is A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP YAMS, A$AP Nast, A$AP Twelvy, A$AP Bari, A$AP Ant, Dash, ASAP Dom, A$AP Ty Beats, A$AP Illz, A$AP Lotto, A$AP AV, A$AP J. Scott, A$AP Lou, and A$AP Josh. A$AP Rocky joined this group in 2007. Sadly A$AP YAMS died because due of mixed drug intoxication.

I chose this artist for other reasons because in his song he says some really deep stuff. When I hear his music they always hype me whenever I'm mad or sad. I honesty think that he is probably one of the best rappers in my opinion. Some people hate on him and that's really stupid and think that's really dumb because he goes hard in some of his songs. That is why I choose him as one of my favorite rappers. I want to point out that he is a really good rapper and people that don't know him should probably listen to him if they want.

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