Aaron Rodgers

by Gage from Spanish Fork

Aaron Rodgers is my hero because he is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, And has been for some good years and has led them to one Super Bowl and won that Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Aaron Rodgers played quarterback at Southern California and as a senior he was pretty good at throwing passes. He was very accurate at long distance passes, and very accurate at short passes. Aaron Rodgers should be considered as class A Quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers as a quarterback had a passer rating of 77.8 as a college quarterback and that pretty good for passer ratings. As a NFL player Rodgers has never been fined yet and has kept it that way for years, he has never fought with the coaches or refs he is a good player for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers has kept his game cool and hasn't had to be benched and shouldn't be benched cause the team needs his offensive play give the team a win.

Aaron Rodgers has just about gone undefeated as a Packer taking the Packers all the way to 13-0. Until they played the Kansas City Chiefs, and lost and taking the Packers to 13-1. And still went on to win the Super Bowl getting him a ring and the Vince Lombardi trophy and his world championship belt, and that's where he got his Discount Double Check for the State Farm commercial. bringing him more fame along with his team mate B.J Raji and Clay Matthews bringing on Clay's Predator pose. Aaron Rodgers has been all over America and has played almost every NFL team except for the Patriots, Jets and he will more than likely do very well.

Being a Quarterback has its ups and downs. The ups are completing passes to the receivers and scoring. The downs are being sacked throwing interceptions and fumbling the ball. Basically turnovers and that is a bad thing to happen to you as a Quarterback in the NFL or college or even high school.

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