Adrian Rodriguez

by Geovana from Van Nuys

My hero is my cousin.

The person that I admire, and look up to, would be my cousin Adrian Rodriguez. He would be a person I can call my hero. Let me tell you a little bit about him. He is nineteen years old, currently living in the San Fernando Valley. He just graduated high school, on stage from P. Night High, and is class of “09.” This currently took place in Palmdale. He is now attending Pierce Collage.

Some of the reasons why I look up to him is because he has been through hard times and is still standing strong. When he was very young his dad left his mom and him, till now he hasn’t heard of him. I think that’s pretty hard, having to live without a dad, because at one point you need a dad and especially him, since he is a boy. It’s just like girls, when we need to talk to mom about girl problems. When he turned six, a new man had joined their family, which was my uncle, and had a newborn baby, Rey was my cousin’s name, and is now my cousin Adrian’s brother. This was very hard for him to get used to, but he went through it. During high school time it was tough for him at the end, because he was missing a lot of credits to graduate in stage. But at the end he ended up graduating on stage, because of all his hard work. He was taking extra classes at night and started helping out at schools to earn the missing credits.

My cousin is a very wise, brave, and an independent person. One big thing he did was raised up money for an animal center, by having a fund raiser with his homeroom class. Back then in high school, they raised up 5,000 dollars and donated to a local shelter in Palmdale. One brave thing that makes him my hero would be that next year he would be joining the army to fight for this country. I don’t know how he does it, going to college, having a job, and paying his bills without his parents' help at his age, that’s pretty cool. I hope that one day I would be able to do these things.

He is always there for me and my other cousins, that’s one quality I like about him. When my parents were divorced he stood right next to me because he knows how I felt. He would tell me to stand strong, and that I will go through this, I just needed to be patient and have a positive attitude. Always on my birthdays he calls me and he never forgets. He is a motivation to me to do well in school, and gives me advice. One other thing why I look up to him is because he supports me and my other cousin Clara in anything, he never lets me down.

This is why Adrian Rodriguez would be my hero. He stands strong and is a wise person who always knows what to say and do. He is there for others and me. I really admire that. I hope that one day I would be able to do things like him and manage them how he does. I look up to him!

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