Aaron Rodgers

by Barrett from Granite Bay

"Help is the best thing you could give."- Aaron Rodgers
Aaron in uniform (wikipedia (NFL ))
Aaron in uniform (wikipedia (NFL ))

My hero is Aaron Rodgers. I've been a Green Bay Packers fan since i was little and i've looked up to Rodgers forever. He was Born on December 2, 1983 he lived  in Chico, California. He was always a 49ers fan since he was little he had excelled in baseball and football at a young age and played football in high school where he did tremendously well. He was expected to go to a good college and get a scholarship for football But instead he went to Butte Community College on an academic Scholarship. He did great academically and athletically and earned a full ride scholarship to UCLA in his junior year of college. He did great there. He was told by a teacher "You will never be a football player." Well, they were wrong. He went no.24 in the first round to the Green Bay Packers.

I think he's a hero because of his story to get to the NFL as previewed and said in the beginning he was ignored even though he was great. He was a diamond in the rough that people chose to ignore until he was drafted to the Packers where they got a jewel and more. His story inspires me to do good and work hard because it will eventually pay off. It tells me to keep going and not give up and that's why I think he's a hero.

Aaron Rodgers on the sideline (google images ())
Aaron Rodgers on the sideline (google images ())

Aaron Rodgers has many accomplishments especially in the NFL . He has records such as Highest 
career passer rating in regular season with a minimum of 1,500 passing attempts , Only quarterback in history to have a      career passer rating of over 100.0 and postseason , Best touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history (3.93), and Lowest interception percentage (1.6%). He is also a Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP. He spends most of his of time doing charity work or practicing football. He has won many other awards such as the Bart Starr award for charity work and the regular season MVP award.

He Lives in Suamico WI during the season then he has a mansion in San Diego CA in a discrete 
location from press and the public. But when he was a child he lived in Chico and then moved to Oregon but then came back for high school in Chico.

He has two brothers, Luke and Jordan. Luke is a professional soccer player and Jordan is a QB in the NFL.

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