Aaron Rodgers

by Austin from Poquoson

Aaron Rodgers ( ())
Aaron Rodgers ( ())

My hero is Aaron Rodgers. He plays football for the Green Bay Packers and has played for them since 2005.. My definition of a hero is somebody that helps people and somebody that puts themself out of their way to help others. I think Aaron Rodgers is a hero because he is devoted to his sport, skilled and caring.

Aaron Rodgers has been devoted to his sport since he was five. He could pick out different football formations on the television screen and throw a football through a hanging tire. When he went to high school, he attended to Pleasant Valley High School and set a variety of school passing records. He wasn't able to get a scholarship to a good collage so he went to Butte College, a junior college near Oroville, California. After his years in Butte he enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley. After his three years at Berkeley, he skipped his senior year in college to be the 24th selection of the first round in the draft.

Aaron Rodgers is skilled because he has over 24,000 passing yards, 193 TD passes. He also ran the ball over 1000 yards as a quarterback. Aaron Rodgers was the MVP of Super Bowl XLV. He also has broken over 5 NFL records and at least 10 college records that still stand till this day.

Aaron Rodgers is caring because he does at a lot of work with charity. He has donated over $16,000 for awareness for childhood cancer. He has also raised awareness for the Congo. Last year, 180 people attended the inaugural "Evening with Aaron Rodgers" event, raising $35,000 for MACC Fund research. He rose over $1,000,000 in awareness in all of his charity work.

I think Aaron Rodgers is a hero because he is devoted to his sport, skilled and caring. He has changed a lot of peoples live with his charity. He has also lead his team to a lot of teams wins on Green Bay Packers.

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