Atoosa Rubenstein

by Julia from Mission Viejo

"Don't think people who are successful ˜have it all together". Really, I'm just some girl."

There are two jobs in the world that are not easy to make it in, Fashion, and Journalism. These are two highly competitive, draining, life sucking fields that take dedication and patience to not get lost in the glitter and loose who you really are. It takes a certain person to be able to make it to the top in these fields and it takes a even bigger person to completely slay in both fields and that's exactly what Atoosa Rubenstein did. As I came across Atoosa on road trip nation I was captivated on how she started her life and where she has come to today. I would like to grow up and be a fashion journalist like Atoosa as well as a designer and I couldn't imagine doing my hero project on anyone else. I want to say thank you in advanced for my high school college and career project for allowing me the chance to learn about a hero in heels changing the lives of teens for decades to come.

Being in fashion is not an easy job. Within each individuals job there is a special plan set on dedication, work ethics, politics, and where you are on the fashion chain. Within fashion there are many jobs ranging being a retail clerk and making clothes for friends to being fashion journalists and designers for high end companies. Because of all these jobs your salary could range anywhere from $33,000 to $130,000 and more for where you work. According to under fashion and design, most people who want to pursuit fashion have bachelors in fashion and whatever specialty they want to go in. For example, if you wanted to be a designer you would want bachelors in fashion design but if you wanted to be a fashion journalist you would need bachelors in fashion/ fashion design and also some degree in journalism or writing. Fashion is always evolving and growing. Within the last five years from online "try me ons" to shows like Project Runway, fashion has been a part of people's lives more than ever. When you walk onto the red carpet the first thing your asked is who are you wearing and looking back from 10 years ago to where fashion is at now we can really change the world with fashion one stich at a time.

As soon as Atoosa's family moved to the U.S.A (from Iran) she was different. Atoosa was bullied since the beginning and was known as the "whiz kid" in high school. She originally started at Barnard College for public relations but later was attending Columbia University. Columbia also recognized Atoosa in 2004 as one of the greatest 250 alumni to attend. Wikipedia states that Atoosa was very hard working and many of her professors would say things like "you'll be working for me one day" or vice versa. But her shining moment was getting her first main stream job as editor and chief of Cosmo girl magazine in 1999.From there to editor and chief of seventeen magazine to now having her own teen oriented businesses.

Atoosa Rubenstein helps girls around the globe get tips, tricks, and advice for the struggles of an everyday teenage girl. Being the editor and chief of two of the biggest teen hitting magazines in the U.S gave Atoosa an amazing chance to help girls build confidence and something to really to look forward to every week/morning.

I want to be like Atoosa because she is a true story of a girl with nothing really rising to the top and blossoming into a great hero. I want to go through high school with good grades, high class and good bonds with my teachers. I want to go to Parsons School of Design in New York City. And have a carrier in fashion and design and want to do all these great things and just like Atoosa I want to put in the effort and I'm hungry for success. I eventually want to have a high job as a fashion editor or designer of some sort I want to take the images I have in my head and create master pieces and show the world my designs. I am inspired by how each person's way to the top in this district is so unique and each story is so different it doesn't matter what you look like where you came from what you are fashion is fashion. It is brutally honest and doesn't lie but it's one of the only jobs you can wake up , walk the streets and pass 100's of people you have never met, talked to, or even seen having a part of your heart by wearing your name and your designs.

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