Ade Ruhafah

by Annisha Jehan from SMAN 5 Bandung

I have a precious person. It’s my father! His named is Ade Ruhafah. He lives in Tasikmalaya with my mother. He is a bank employee. He has a twin.

My father is so special for me. He has a brown skin, an oval-shaped face, a big nose, and small eyes. His height is about 175 cm and his weight is about 75kg. He doesn’t smoke, this makes me grateful.

You know, my father is very kind. He can understand me very well. He cares about us so much. Oo.. he’s a humorous person. Because of that, I feel comfortable if I’m with him. He’s very friendly. He always greets everybody he knows. Well, my father likes to do bicycling. He can ride his bike all day long. How amazing?!

My father’s favorite food is seafood. His favorite drink is hot fresh tea. If my family goes to Pangandaran – of course we eat seafood – my father can eat a big grilled fish alone! And he will complain that he overate and feels sleepy. Aaaaaaah.... I love him very much!!

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