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by Max from Dunedin

Angie Sage (
Angie Sage (

Angie Sage born 1952 has written the very cool Septimus Heap book series, including the books, Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste, And the 5th book The Magykal Papers arriving 2009. I have been reading and just finished the book Queste. She has certainly inspired me to reading more often at school and home and I am thinking of reading her new series Araminta Spook series for children. She is still carrying on with her Septimus Heap series which I am looking forward to reading.

She lives in Thames Valley, England with her 2 children Laurie and Lois. Angie Sage first studied medicine but changed her mind and went to Art School in Leichester. She then studied Graphic Design and Illustration.

She began illustrating books after college. She then processed to writing children's books including toddlers books and chapter books.

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