Alejandra Robles Sanchez

by Alex from Tucson

Alejandra Robles Sanchez was born in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. As a child she attended Ignacio Hernandez Elementary School in Mexico, then moved on to middle school or as they call it in Mexico Secundaria Martires de 1906. She came to the United States when she was a teenager. Alejandra attended Pueblo High School. After high school, she went back to Mexico to study cultura de Bellesa or Beauty school. Alejandra was following on her father's footsteps; he was a barber.

Alejandra is a hero because she provides for her family and she makes sure we do our best in school. She also helps her mother by paying for her medications. When her mother gets sick Alejandra stays with her at the hospital until she is feeling better. Alejandra helps all her other relatives as well and cares for them when they are sick. Alejandra is my mother. As a mother she is great because she works hard to provide for my family. Alejandra keeps a neat house and keeps us organized. She supports us with school and is always there.

My mother inspires me to help people and to get a good education. It’s important to help people because it is important to be kind. When you are kind to others, people are kind in return. It’s also important to get a good education because you are able to grow and have a secure future. Having security can mean you can help others too. My mother is very important to me. She is my hero.

Interview -

1) Do you have a hero? Who is he/she? Why is he/she your hero?

Answer: Madre Teresa from Calcutta. She is her hero because she helped children.

2) What characteristics do you think heroes share?

Answer: They are brave they are good and selfless they help people and ask for no reward.

3) Would you consider your self a hero why or why not?

Answer: She dose not consider her self a hero because she as a human she has defects.

4) Do you think children could make a difference in the world? How?

Answers: She thinks that they can make a difference by studying and getting a good job.

5) Who inspires you to do what you do?

Answer: Her dad inspired her to do what she does.

6) Do you enjoy what you do? Why?

Answer: She does because she likes what she does on her job.

7) If you had unlimited funds how would you use them to help the world?

Answer: She would end war and world hunger.

8) Is there a problem in your community you would like to change?

Answer: She would like to change racism and immigration.

9)What does it mean to make a difference?

Answer: It means to do something good for others not for you.

10)Can one person change the world? Why?

Answer: No because everybody needs to help and cooperate.

Alejandra Robles Sanchez
Selfless Heroic loving
Resident of Tucson, Arizona
Who is a beautician
Who helps my cousin, my grandma and me
Who cheers up my brother and I when we're sad
Who believes the world could be a better place.
Whose hero is Madre Teresa from Calcutta.
Who would end war and world hunger
Who inspires me to help people
Alejandra Robles Sanchez
Who is my hero

By Jose Denogean

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