Adan Sanchez

by Marissa from Fresno

Adan Sanchez was born April 14,1984 in Torrance, California USA. He lived in Los Angeles California. He died March 27, 2004 at age 19 in Sinaloa, Mexico. He was raised by his mother in Paramount, Ca. His father was a singer Chalino Sanchez. He was eight years old when he was kidnapped and killed in Sonaloa, Mexico.

Adan Sanchez is a hero because he stand up for himself and became a singer like his father and he never gave up from singing that was his dream. He traveled to a lot of places around the world and became very popular like his father after he died. Adan Sanchez is a great singer a lot of people listen and dance to his music. He made history on March 20, 2004 and became the youngest headliner. Some songs that he performed were "Necesito Un Amor" (I Need A Lover), "Morenita" (Little Dark One), "Fui Tan Feliz" (I Was So Happy), "Dicen" (They Say), and "Me Canse De Morir Por Tu Amor" (I'm Tired of Dying For Your Love).

When he was 19, Adan recorded eight albums and was beginning to make a name for himself independent of his father. Adan Sanchez became a hit because he sang from the heart. Adan Sanchez writes his own songs and then sings them. As a singer he helped children with cancer and he donated food to people who didn't have anything to eat and people who didn't have homes to live.

Adan Sanchez died on March 27, 2004 when he was 19 in Mexico. He was driving from Sinaloa and he crashed with three other people. He had severe head injuries and he didn't make it. He passed away in the hospital. A lot of people went to his funeral and it was packed with so many fans, his family and friends. Adan Sanchez is my hero because he is a great singer but also a nice man and caring. That's why i chose him as my hero.

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