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Adam Sandler

by Elizabeth from Fresno

He was born on September 9, 1966 in Brooklyn , New York. Adam had three older siblings: Valerie, Elizabeth, and Scott. He was the youngest of the four children. His father was an electrical engineer named Stanley and his mother was a teacher at a nursery school named Judy. They only lived in Brooklyn, New York for about five years because then they moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. He and his older siblings were then raised in a Jewish family in a small town.

By the sixth grade he started to develop his humor. Then when he was seventeen he started to perform in clubs and in universities as a daily thing. He loved humor so much that he decided to do Bruce Springsteen's numbers. Even with all this performing he still managed to go to school at New York University. He successfully graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in the year of 1991. Sandler played a role as "Smitty", on the Cosby Show in 1984. His actual first film role was in an unreleased Babes Ahoy.

One day Adam was going to a club in Los Angeles like he always did as a comedian. But this time Dennis Miller, another famous comedian, was amazed by his humor. Dennis was so amazed that he referred him to creator and producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Micheals. From then on out that is when Adam went on to make many of his famous movies such as "Billy Madison," "Happy Gilmore," and "Wedding Singer." His favorite movie that inspired him the most was "Caddyshack" that was released in 1980.

Adam Sandler is a wonderful man that can bring laughter to people of all ages. He was nominated for many things including a Golden Globe and an Emmy award. He has also won People's Choice for 2011 for the category of Best Actor. Other than winning awards and getting nominated for many things he has also accomplished multiple things.

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