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Adam Sandler

by Matthew from Morinville

Adam man (I painted it ya'll...)
Adam man (I painted it ya'll...)

My hero can put a smile on your face anywhere you are. He has saved people from depression by making them laugh. Even if the worst thing possible happened to you, he would cheer you up. Also Adam Sandler doesn’t act for the money; he acts to put smiles on people's faces (but he still takes the money). I also know that has been in seven movies and I’ve watched three of them. He has made a difference in my life teaching that life is too short to be sad. Also he was born in Brooklyn, New York, September 9th 1966. If I ever met him I would say that he did a good job of helping people not do suicide because of depression.

Thanks for cheering me up when I'm down.

You’re the best. I want to be a hero like you when I grow up.


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