Adam R. Sandler

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Adam Sandler was born on September 9, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 17 in 1983 he spontaneously took the stage in a Boston Comedy Club, and found that he was a natural comic. Adam had nurtured his talent at New York University by performing in clubs and at some universities and by graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While Adam was performing in a comedy club in L.A., he was discovered by Dennis Miller who then recommended him to be a cast member of Saturday Night Live. After Saturday Night Live Adam went on to movies starring in films such as Wedding Singer, Airheads, Happy Gilmore, and many more. He also produces and writes many of his films and composes songs for most of them. Adam Sandler married actress Jacqueline Samantha Titone on June 22, 2003. They have two daughters together, Sadie Madison Sandler, born May 6, 2006 and Sunny Madeline Sandler, born November 2, 2008.

On the screen Adam Sandler is perceived as a lovable goof but off the screen he does more than just make people laugh. Starting when he was young Adam never really concentrated on his studies at Webster Elementary and Hillside Jr. High in Manchester, New Hampshire; he preferred wrestling and basketball. Adam is still a good basketball player and shoots hoops any chance he can get. I’ve played basketball for years and I didn’t know till recently that Adam played basketball for fun and was good at it.

Adam Sandler is not only an actor; he is also a producer and formed a film production company called Happy Madison Productions in 1999. Happy Madison Productions have produced all of Adam’s movies to date except for Punch Drunk Love, Spanglish, Reign Over Me, and Funny People, which were produced under the Happy Madison subsidiary label, Madison 23. In 2009 it was announced that Adam will be the executive producer of a horror thriller called The Shortcut, under the productions of Scary Madison. The movie was released on February 27, 2009. The movie received a ranking of 132nd in popularity with a 6.4 rating. I’ve always been a movie buff and when I watch an Adam Sandler movie, it opens up another world for me. His movies are intriguing and catchy and always give a good laugh! It takes a lot of talent and creativeness to do what Adam does.

Besides being an actor, producer and comedian Adam Sandler is also a singer. In 1993 Adam signed with Warner Brothers and came out with his debut comedy album They’re All Gonna Laugh At You, it was a certified gold and earned a Grammy nomination. He released another comedy album titled What The Hell Happened To Me? in 1996 that went platinum.

Adam Sandler is an inspiration to me because he is a very talented person and is not afraid to be himself and go after what he wants. I grew up watching Adam Sandler movies and always had a good laugh. Adam has been a big contributor to the comedy world and still has much more to give.

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