Adam Sandler

by Eddie from Anaheim

Have you ever read a comic book and wondered 'are there any real super heroes out there'? Well if you haven't you should because they're are, all around us. You just don't know it because you are imagining a guy with a cape and super strong. When you see these people you will see one thing that they have in common. They give inspiration and they save people's lives. They may not be rushing them out of a burning building or something but they could turn someone's worlds around by just making someone laugh. My hero is Adam Sandler you might be thinking how he is a hero. Well it is because he brings people up with his amazing talent in fact he has done many things that will inspire people.

Adam Sandler was born September 9, in Brooklyn, New York. His parents are named Judy and Stanley Sandler. He has three older siblings named Scott Valarie and Elizabeth Sandler. He graduated NYU (New York University) with a bachelor's degree in acting. Then he started acting in shows such as the Cosby Show as Theo's friend. Then he went out to create his own movie studios. And to this day he is very famous.

Adam Sandler has faced one big hardship. Tell me, are most actors American actors, the answer is yes. That is why it was very hard for Adam Sandler to get into the show business just because he was Jewish, they even wanted him to change his name. Can you believe that? Adam Sandler most certainly did not, that is why he fought for the right to let him perform while accepting the fact that he was Jewish, and to this day, He is very famous and known for being Jewish? If he wasn't bold and did not stand up for what he believed in no one would even know the name of Adam Sandler. In fact, He created a movie about him being Jewish titled 'Jack and Jill. 'Adam Sandler is strong and daring and could get through challenges like this

Another great reason I admire Adam Sandler is because he created his own movie production. And he now creates his own movies such as 'Grown ups', 'Billy Madison', 'Grown-ups 2'. But he did not do this for himself. He did this to be kind and loving and does good deeds by giving his fans great movies. No regular person can be energetic and do things like that, but then again Adam Sandler is no regular person, he is a hero.

I think that the lesson learned is to not let little bumps in the road slow you down. Believe in your dreams and have enough guts to do something to make it come true. And this dream can't just be a dream. Makes it a commitment, never stop following your dream but if you don't you will always have the little spark of regret in your life, so that is my hero, and yes, it isn't a man in a cape, but it is someone with brains and potential, willing, selfless, and that is all a hero needs. I leave you with one question - who is your real life hero?

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