Artists Heroes

Adam Sandler

by Cadel from Wheeling

"He spit in the c-c-cooler..." (The Waterboy)

Adam Sandler is my hero. He has been in many movies. He was born in Brooklyn NY in 1966. He is an actor, a musician, and comedian. He has inspired many actors.

Adam has been in many movies. In most of them he had a big role. He created Happy Madison Productions. My favorite movie is Billy Madison. It was a great movie and very funny.

Adam Sandler was born on 1966. He was born in Brooklyn NY. When he was 6 he moved to New Hampshire. Adam wasn't very bright in school. But he was great in basketball.

Adam Sandler is a very funny actor. He is also a stand up comedian. He liked music a lot too. So he became a musician. I love all of his great work.

Adam has inspired many actors. He is very talented and cool. I like how he makes funny voices. I wish I could do that. He even made me want to be an actor. Well that is for a little while. Adam Sandler is a great person and my hero.

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