Adam Sandler

by Brennen from Cincinnati (Just Jared) (Just Jared)

Have you ever wondered what is hero is? Have you wanted to be a hero? Did you know anyone can be a hero? Adam Sandler is a hero because he cures depression and helps people everywhere. With his movies, Adam Sandler helps make kids laugh all over the world and donates lots of money to charity. Adam also helped a lady with a broken foot carry her groceries, just because it was a kind thing to do. (BOOMSbeat) (BOOMSbeat)

Adam Sandler is an award winning actor who starred in many famous movies. "Even though Sandler's first attempt at stand-up comedy was not very funny, he immediately felt drawn to the stage. "It was the first time in my life where I said, 'All right, I think I can"(Artist Hero). Adam Sandler showed if he could get over his disbelief in himself then anyone can. Adam always did comedy since he was a kid and does it for the laughs, no matter what people tell him. (hollywood reporter) (hollywood reporter)

He tried to live a normal life with his wife Jackie and his two kids. People always tried to get Adam to stop acting and thery were just rude to him but he decided it was what he wanted to do for a living so he reached his goal and became a famous actor.

"Even after he has become the big star of today, many critics still manage to hate his work, but that doesn't bring him down as he has learned to ignore the mean comments." (Artist Heroes) Adam Sandler taught kids to not be turned down by the haters and not care what other people think. Adam Sandler was a true hero, on T.V and in real life.

A hero is someone that helps because it is the right thing to do and does not do it for the glory. Adam Sandler tries to live a normal life but saves tons of kids from depression and from feeling down and not because he wants to have all the fame but because it is something he enjoys doing for a living.

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