Adam Sandler

by Bryan & Daniel from Roxboro

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Our hero is Adam Sandler. He is our hero because he has given a lot to charity. Many charities have benefited from his charity work. Not just the charities that you hear about on TV but also the ones you have not heard of.

Some of his charity work includes: Donated 400 PlayStation 1's to Israel for victims of the Israel-Lebanon war. He also signed many items for the VH1 and eBay auctions to help charities. Another charity event he has done was a part in a Chris Marley foundation video. He also took part in "America; A tribute to heroes" charity event.

Adam Sandler was born in one of the poorest parts of Brooklyn. He was not a very good student but he did have a good heart and good intentions. Now he is an actor/comedian and lives in Pacific Palisades, CA. He is 42 years old and helping charities while doing his job.


He has helped many causes such as: cancer, children, health, human rights, mental and physical challenges, refugees, sports, and substance abuse.

He is our hero because he is not only a great actor and comedian but he has devoted a lot of time and money to many different charities. He inspires many people to give to charity and inspires us to help charities in any small way we can. Adam Sandler is a hero in many ways.

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