Adam Sandler

by Garrett from Casselberry

Adam Sandler isn’t just an actor, he's a hero. Besides his movies he has been a good influence for all ages. He has brought smiles to almost everyone’s faces. He has been an executive producer, writer, cameo, best actor, and more. The next few paragraphs are more specific in why he’s our hero.

Adam Sandler has always been a good influence. He has taught that people in bad times never quit. Instead of caring about plain things he cares about the people in his life. Sometimes he doesn’t work for money but for enjoyment of others. He’s married to actress Jacqueline Samantha Titone and has 2 daughters. He has done charity work donating 400 play stations to Israeli victims, signed items for the America: a tribute to hero’s auction, raised money for autism by performing for “night of too many stars”, and made a 2 million dollar donation to the boys and girls club of his hometown. But besides his movies he has been a good influence for all ages.

He has brought humor to almost everyone seeing his movies and shows. He has helped some people by making them laugh and keeping them from desperation. He’s one of the most funniest and original people ever. Sometimes just by watching his films have helped others. Whether it’s his movies or shows he will always bring a smile to someone’s face.

He has done a great job in film productions. Either it’s being a producer, writer, or actor, or anything else he has been. He has been in at least 34 movies, at least 9 televisions shows, and he has had 5 cds so far. He has won best actor awards before. Some of his acts were for free just to bring entertainment for viewers. He will always be remembered for his great job in film productions.

As you can see Adam Sandler has not only just helped himself, but others too. He has always been a role model to people around the world. His comedy has brought smiles to almost everyone’s faces. His phenomenal job in film productions will be remembered for a long time. So that’s why Adam Sandler is our hero.

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