Adam Sandler

by Bayron from Van Nuys

My hero is a movie actor

My hero is Adam Sandler. I admire him because of all the things that he did. He was the class clown and then he got a job as a comedian. I admire him because of how he struggled in his childhood but the only thing, he was making people laugh. I also admire him because one of his parents left him and he was still focused on his life.

There are a lot of reasons why I admire him. My first reason is that he became a successful movie actor. In his childhood in school he was always the class clown. He always made his friends laugh. Then he started to work as a comedian. Then everybody started to like him and know him.

My second reason is that he enjoyed making movies. He got the idea of making by having a job as a comedian. He enjoyed making movies for fun. Also he made them just for people to watch, not make money. He liked them since he was a kid.

My third reason is that children all over the world liked his movies, also adults liked them too. He made movies that made kids laugh. He also made some movies for adults and made them laugh. He wanted to make movies just for fun. He enjoyed making people laugh and joke around.

It inspires everyone because of how he made people laugh when he was a kid, also now he does and he is an adult. I mean he is the best comedian you could know, he is very funny. If you want ADAM SANDLER to be your hero then that will be a great idea. If you hear about his life, you will be very interested in it.

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