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Adam Sandler

by Euan from Scotland, UK

Hello reader this time I will be teaching you if Adam Sandler is an inspirational man. My first reason is that he is very funny. My second is he is very motivational. Finally the third is that he is a very good actor.

My first reason is Adam Sandler is very funny. He can make people because he used to go on a comedy show and used to be a class clown because he made people laugh also he grew up with the gift and the gift came from his parents. he is very motivational.

I want to be a actor. I am also kind of the class clown. I want to follow in his footsteps so I will go on a comedy show and then become a actor. He is a very good actor he makes people laugh and does not need to try he just does it but with a good actor like that he could steal a cookie from the cookie jar and if he got caught he could act his way out of it.

So after all of that my claim is that Adam Sandler is a very inspirational man and my final thought is that you should try doing a MY HERO Project and another thought is That if you do choose to do a MY HERO Project I highly suggest you try doing one on Johnny Depp.

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