Audrey Schick

by Kathleen from Elgin

Audrey Schick
Audrey Schick

What does it take to be a hero? To me, a hero has to be a leader, they must be strong, and they must have a lot of love in them. My grandmother, Audrey Schick is my hero. Throughout her life, she made so many amazing achievements for the city of Elgin, for my family, and for herself. My Grandmother Audrey was the first woman president of the Elgin Chamber of Commerce, was the first female broker in Elgin, was a member of the Foundation Board at Provena St. Joseph Hospital, had three children (one of which was my mother) and nice grandchildren, and lost her life fighting ovarian cancer. My grandmother had all of the traits I think it takes to be a hero. She is a hero.

My grandma Audrey was born on October 14, 1940 in Elgin. She was a graduate of Elgin High School and went on to open New Heritage, the first realty business in Elgin. She was the first female broker in Elgin. She then extended her company into offices in Elgin, Hampshire, Huntly, and Morengo employing many men and woman realtors and helping them make careers. My Grandmother became the first female president of the Elgin Chamber of Commerce in 1983.By achieving this, she became a hero to women in Elgin and the county by changing the title of the "professional man" to "professional person." Audrey Schick also was a member of many clubs and foundations around Elgin including the Foundation Board at Provena St. Joseph Hospital. She was also a loving wife, mother, aunt, friend, and grandmother. My Grandmother got ovarian cancer in 1999 and beat it. While fighting the cancer, she had lost the ability to walk temporarily, but she was back on her feet nine months later to go to Disney World with my family. However, her cancer came back a few years later, and despite her strength and fight, she passed away in 2007. Her legacy lives on today in the city of Elgin, in the hearts of women all over, and in my family's heart.

My grandmother was heroic because of what she did for the city of Elgin by defying the gender roles in the job industry. She was a leader. By becoming Chamber of Commerce president, she opened the doors for women all around the cities of Elgin, Hampshire, Huntly, and Morengo. She also employed so many people in her life time, helping them to support themselves and their families. My Grandma was a hero to her family as she cared, provided for, and loved them with her entire heart. She was a hero in the truest form as she walked through Disney World. She is a hero for fighting her cancer with everything she had. My grandmother was the strongest women I have ever met.

The reason that my grandma is my hero and the reason she is so important to me is because of the abundant strength she showed with everything she did. It could not have been easy to be elected president of the Elgin Chamber of Commerce, let alone to be elected the first female president. Imagine the things people who did not want there to be a woman president could have been saying about her. Yet my grandmother remained strong and prevailed, becoming a legend and an inspiration. Also, by fighting cancer she showed that she was a hero. She was so strong that she fought to make one more family trip. Most of all though, my grandmother was strong with her love shown for me and that inspires me every day to live with strength. My grandmother is truly the definition of a hero.

A hero is someone who shows great leadership, love, and strength. Perhaps the perfect example of a hero would be my grandmother, Audrey Schick. In her time, she made so many achievements that opened doors for people all across Elgin and our county. The legacy she left behind will forever inspire me to live with strength every day. My grandmother had every trait that it takes to be a hero. My grandma Audrey is my hero.

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