Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger

by Anthony from Miami

Did you think that the 38th Governor of California was a famous movie star? "Stay Hungry" And "Terminator" are two of his more famous movies. Have you guessed yet? Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilder, actor, filmmaker, governor, and possibly a future senator. (He hopes to become senator after his term for governor ends.) He is also my hero. Why you ask? He is my hero because of his determination, his ability to be happy through bad times, his smart planning for life, and last his actions while governor. He according to some has planned his whole life to be able to get into American politics.

Arnold's life started in Thal, Austria. It is a small village near the Styrian capital. At the time of his birth the village had fewer than 800 people. His parents were very strict; he once said "if we did something bad or disobeyed our parents, the rod was not spared." Unfortunately, in his early life money was a problem and he recalled being excited to get a refrigerator. On top of that his dad favored his step brother "strong and blatantly". Even through all this he was described as being "cheerful, good-humored, and exuberant." He would always tell a friend of his that he would move to America and become "the greatest actor ever."

Finally, in 1968, Arnold moved to America. Arnold pursued acting but with a very strong accent and little ability to speak English it was a very difficult task. Even though those were very big set backs Arnold was determined to do what he had told his friend. Finally he accomplished what he told his friend, but he made an unexpected move.

Arnold always had a fascination with politics. He now went from the movie business to the political theater. He became Governor of California and made a few noble accomplishments. He repelled an unpopular increase in vehicle registration fees, prevented drivers licenses from being given out to illegal immigrants, and signed a bill for the nation's first greenhouse emissions cap.

So in all Arnold is my hero because of his determination, his ability to be happy during bad times, his smart planning for life, and his actions while governor. He inspired me to be determined, and push through life, no matter how hard, with a cheerfulness during it, and that anything is possible as long as you plan ahead and finish your plans.

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