Arnold Schwarzenegger

by John from Williamsville

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a hero for many reasons. He is a caring and thoughtful person who has been involved with humanitarian events and organizations. Arnold is also a hero because never gave up on his goals. Arnold Schwarzenegger is caring and thoughtful who is a hero to me and many other people in the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a difficult life when was growing up. He was born on July 30, 1947, in Thal, Austria. He and his family lived in the hills. He struggled during his life because he was poor. Arnold was the smallest of his brothers. His family thought he wasn't going to do anything with his life. Arnold proved them wrong. In his house they didn't have any plumbing or heat. Arnold and his brothers had to do chores in the morning to earn breakfast. He and his brothers went to a two room school. One more reason why he had a difficult life is because he was the least favorite child in his family. His dad was big and aggressive. He had a big and violent dad. His dad drank a lot of alcohol. His brothers were more athletic. He got picked on by his brothers and people at school. When he was fifteen years old, he had a dream that he wanted to be the best body builder in the world. In summary, that is the tough life of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was growing up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had lots of problems and challenges in his life besides his tough life growing up. When he was younger, he didn't have much time for bodybuilding because he had school. Bodybuilding was his goal in life, so he found the time to work at it. He always had goals and wanted to get better and better. He wanted to earn titles and contests. Another challenge he had to face were the problems he had to deal with when he was Governor of California. There was an energy crisis, pollution and many other problems. Arnold had many physical and mental challenges throughout his acting, bodybuilding and political career those are the problems and challenges that he had.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had many accomplishments in his life. He was a body builder, an actor and a governor. He achieved the highest level in body building. He won the Mr. Olympia Contest, Mr. Europe and Mr. Universe. He helped his community and others. After making money from the movies he starred in, he donated some of the money to the poor. He helped edit the movies that he starred in when he was an actor. Arnold was involved with the 2001 Special Olympics in China. Arnold provided food and toy drives. He helped the poor because his family was poor when Arnold was younger, so he understood what it was like He was a role model because he overcame obstacles. He helped a little boy in the 2001 Special Olympics in China. He was the weight training coach for the Special Olympics also. He helped disabled children learn to lift weight and to eat healthy. He also donated money when earthquakes struck in California. He helped bodybuilders when they were in trouble with weights. He also helped his family a lot because he had to stay home sometimes to do chores or things around the house or mansion. In conclusion, this and some things he did for his community and others.

Arnold Schwarzenegger received lots of awards and honors in his life. One of his favorite honors was when he became governor. He was so glad when he became governor he celebrated it with his family. He was very happy when was asked to become an actor. Another thing he was happy with was after the movie he starred all the money he got. A few movies he starred in are Conan the Barbarian, Pumping Iron, Terminator1, 2, and 3. One of my favorite movies of all time is Predator. Another exciting moment is when he announced he became governor on Jay Leno's tonight show to everyone in the world. He was honored when he found that out. In summary, those some amazing awards and honors that Arnold Schwarzenegger got.

One of his traits I chose was helpful. He is helpful because he helped a disabled child play in the 2001 Special Olympics in China. One more way he is helpful is helped his wife a lot around the house and with the kids that he has. He also helped a lot of poor people around the world. Another reason he is helpful is that he changed the way people did the wrong thing in doing the right thing. Another trait I chose for Arnold Schwarzenegger is that he is a hard-working man. Arnold is a hard-working man because he worked every day as governor. Another reason he is there is a problem everyday he has to solve. He always has to deal with his kids when he was home. Another way he is hard-working is that he was always working out as a teenager. He is also very strong as a person. He worked out as teenager every day at the gym. He is also strong by just being governor or the things he does as governor. He had the power to change things all around in California. Another way he is strong is because that he has a loud voice so he can send an important message to the people in California. One more way he is strong is that he had a lot of people that listen to him. That way he was strong and powerful

The important lesson I learned is always try to do what you want to do in life. Never give up in anything. Always do the right thing even if you're putting your life at risk. Help others no matter what. Always try your best on everything. You should always let women go first and let them sit down instead of yourself. I also learned to open and hold the door for people. Another important lesson I learned is that you should help your grandparents if they need you. Help your neighbors with raking, shoveling, and yard work if needed. Those are the important lessons I learned is that a lot of people known him and respected him..

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