Alexandra Scott

by Claire, Nikki and Adele from Westport

Alexandra Scott was a four year old girl who had cancer. She was very selfless and started to raise money for cancer research by doing a lemonade stand. She then died at the age of eight. After she died she had raised more than 25 million dollars towards cancer research. We think that Alexandra Scott was a big hero because she spent almost her whole life raising as much money as she can for cancer research. She was such a big hero even though she is only a little girl.

Alexandra Scott’s dream was to find a cure for children who had cancer and help them. When she was four years old she started a lemonade stand in her yard and as word got around about the lemonade stand, in that first year she raised about $2,000. People got so inspired by what she did that other people started lemonade stands for the same purpose.

This is what Alex's lemonade looks like.  (
This is what Alex's lemonade looks like. (

We chose to do Alexandra Scott as our hero because she was very selfless. Once we read about her we were so touched about what she did. We realized that even though she was a little girl, she was able to raise so much money by doing a lemonade stand. Alexandra Scott is a hero for kids who have cancer all around the world and will always be remembered. That’s why we decided to do Alexandra Scott as our hero.

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Hi our names are Claire, Nikki and Adele. We studied Alexandra Scott for our hero study project in school. For our project we made a Photo Story to show what heroes are and that you can be a hero too, even if you do the simplest thing that helps the world. We chose Alexandra Scott because we think that she is one of the biggest heroes in the world.