Young Heroes

Alexandra Scott

by Alexandra from Nanjing

This is Alexandra Scott (
This is Alexandra Scott (

My hero is Alexandra Scott. She was 8 years old. She lived in Pennsylvania.

In the year 2000, there was a 4 year old that had cancer. Her name was Alexandra Scott. Her favorite thing to do in school was everything. She was in 2nd grade. Ever since June 2008, Alexandra’s lemonade stand company has raised over $19 million for the children that have cancer. Alexandra’s lemonade stand’s company has given millions of dollars for the children’s cancer. In August the 1, 2004 Alexandra Scott died, but she died peacefully at the age 8 years old. She died from a rare disease from the cancer. In her house she has parents, 3 brothers named Patrick, Eddie, and Joey. She also had 1 dog Shammy, and 1 cute and cuddly kitten Herbert.

She is my hero because she though about others before herself, she wasn’t aggressive either, I also think she was thoughtful and a caring girl. I wish I could meet her before she died. To be more like my heroine I should start my own lemonade stand and give it to cancer victims.

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