Young Heroes

Alexandra Scott

by Lili-Anna from Nanjing

My drawing of Alexandra Scott
My drawing of Alexandra Scott

My hero is Alexandra Flynn Scot. She is my hero because she helped the people with cancer. 
My friend in my old school had cancer and maybe, just maybe, he got helped by her. It would be really cool if he did. But I interviewed a person in my school. His grandmother had cancer and she got helped by her a little. Is that cool or not?

Before her first birthday her parents found out that she had a cancer lump on her back! 
Alexandra was born on January 18th, 1996 in Manchester. In 2000 she started to sell lemonade at the age of four. Her thing she LOVED to do was singing. She is my hero because she thought of others before herself. Even if the lemonade was only 50 cents people gave her $20. Even if she were sick, she did not give up. But she did not sell lemonade that day so she asked her brother or her mom to sell for her. 

Alex's first time lemonade selling (
Alex's first time lemonade selling (

She has three brothers that are older than her. They are still alive. Alexandra died at 9:34am on Monday 2nd August 2004 at the age 8. Alexandra died in such a sad way! Here it is. She was laying on the hospital bed and the doctor came in and said, ‘I'm 99% sure that she is going to die” and the doctor walked out of the room slowly. Her Mom, Dad and the three brothers started to cry. Alexandra said in a crunchy voice ‘‘Mom, dad and brothers I love you all so much thank you for helping me on my lemonade stand. I could not have done it without your help and when I got too sick to sell you did it for me.” And she passed away.

Alexandra’s favorite colors were blue and purple. Her favorite animal was a penguin. She was in 2nd grade. Her favorite food was French fries. Her favorite book was Junie B. and The Little House In The Prairie books. Her favorite movie was Scooby Doo. Her favorite T.V show was Pokemon and American Idol. She wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up. Her favorite activity was making stuff and designing clothes. The place she most wanted to visit was France. Her favorite sport was soccer.

She had three brothers Patrick, Eddie and Joey. She had one dog named Shammy and one kitten Herbert. I think that is a big family because I only have one sister and one half sister. Alexandra’s goal was to get $1,000,000 but she got $700,000 I can’t read these numbers so I think that her goal was a greater number. Anyway people still do this and are doing very well. I want to do this too but we don’t have lemonade but I want to start collecting toys that people don’t want and my friend(s) might help me. Alex’s speech when she died was “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

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