Young Heroes

Alexandra Scott

by Melissa from Nanjing

Her first lemonade stand in 2000 (
Her first lemonade stand in 2000 (

My hero is Alexandra Flynn Scott because she did something really good to other people and I will tell you why. When she was born she had a cancer lump on her back. The doctor took the cancer lump off but a couple years later the cancer came back and she got ill.

Alexandra was born on January 18th, 1996. In 2000 when she was 4 years old she opened her own lemonade stand. She got money by selling lemonade. The lemonade just cost 50 cents but people gave her 20 dollars. She got so much money. She will give the money to the hospital to help people who had cancer. So that’s why I really appreciate her because she helped other people that she didn't even know.

When she opened her own lemonade stand Alex wanted to raise lots of money that she could give to the hospital.

In 2004 when Alexandra was eight she died from her cancer.

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