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Alexandra Scott

by Ana from Philadelphia

Alexandra Scott
Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott known as "Alex" was born in Connecticut on January 18, 1996. She was born to Liz and Jay Scott. She had 3 brothers named, Patrick, Eddie, and Joey. Alex was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her 1st birthday. She was a strong, inspirational girl and even though doctors were doubting that she would be able to walk again, she did it.

I chose Alexandra because she is very inspirational. She was strong throughout her whole life having to deal with cancer and raised money for many research hospitals to help kids with cancer. Alex was able to overcome the struggle of being doubted that she wouldn't be able to walk again. Also, she crawled and was able to stand up with leg braces at the age of 2. She died at the age of 8 but she is not forgotten and is appreciated very much. She raised an amazing $2,000 in her first year of hosting her lemonade stand.

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