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Alexandra Scott

by Clare from Roseville

Alex hosting a lemonade stand (
Alex hosting a lemonade stand (

Alexandra Scott, or Alex, was born on January 18, 1996. Two days prior to her first birthday, Alex was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. Alexandra's parents were devastated when the doctors told them that "Even if you daughter beat cancer, she would never be able to walk again".

On Alex's second birthday, Alex and her family believed that she had beaten cancer. The young girl was healthily crawling and walking, with the assistance of leg braces. After gaining hope, Alex and her family discovered that her tumors had started to grow again.

When Alex was in the hospital, receiving a stem cell transplant, she said to her mother "When I get out of the hospital, I want to make a lemonade stand", "to help other kids, like they helped me". That year, Alexandra hosted the first, of many, "Alex's Lemonade Stand"s. After her first stand, Alex made an incredible amount of $2,000! All of the money raised went towards cancer research, and other children who were suffering from childhood cancer.

Alex working a shift at the stand ( ())
Alex working a shift at the stand ( ())

Alexandra Scott lived a short life. She passed away, in August of 2004, at eight years old. Although she lived a short life, her impact on society is incredible. Alexandra is a worldwide hero because of her strength, selflessness, and bravery.

Strength. Strength means that a person is able to come out of devastating or harsh situations with the willingness to move on. Alex has proven to have this trait her whole entire life. Alex was diagnosed with cancer before she even celebrated her first birthday, but Alex did not just shut down and give up on life. She kept going.And not only did Alex keep going, she was able to carry on with a positive attitude, and help others who were suffering like she was. Alex did not focus on the negatives, like the fact that she had cancer, she had the strength to go out and make an impact and change the lives of many people.

Selflessness is another trait that fits the characteristics of Alex. When Alex came up with the idea of hosting a lemonade stand, not once did it cross her mind that she would want to keep any of the profits. Some organizations, that donate profits to a charity or a good cause, keep some of their earnings for various reasons. Alex's Lemonade Stand donates 100% of all of the money and donations they receive. Alex could have kept the money and use it towards her medical expenses, or anything else, but instead she used it towards cancer research, as well as towards kids who are suffering from cancer.

Lastly, Alexandra Scott was brave. Becoming diagnosed with neuroblastoma at a young age, doctors telling her that she would never be able to walk again, having a stem cell transplant, facing death. These are all challenges that Alex had to go through. If not for her bravery, Alex would not have been able to accomplish everything that she had. Alex had decided, for herself, that despite the fact that she was sick, she wanted to sit out on her front lawn for hours on end to help others. Throughout all of the struggles taht Alexandra faced, she was able to be brave and get through them, as well as move on.

Alex proudly showing off her lemonade stand. (
Alex proudly showing off her lemonade stand. (

Alexandra Scott was diagnosed with cancer before she even celebrated her first birthday. Although Alex knew her time was short, she was able to use her strength, selflessness, and bravery to impact the world. Who would have known that a simple lemonade stand would have changed thousands of lives?

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Extra Info

Alex was born in Manchester, Connecticut,

Alex was four years of age when she decided to make her own lemonade stand.

After the world was exposed to Alex's incredible story, people from all over the world began to make donations to Alex and her family, as well as host their own lemonade stands to help out Alex, and her family's, foundation.


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