Young Heroes

Alexandra Scott

by Meredith from Lafayette Hill

alexandra scott (google images )
alexandra scott (google images )

A hero to me is a person that changes something in the world by themselves. A confident and generous little girl, Alexandra Scott suffered childhood cancer and raised money for her doctors. She was diagnosed with a cancer just before her first birthday. Doctors didn’t know if she could beat her cancer.

Alex was a generous person. Around her fourth birthday Alex decided to raise money for the doctors and hospital to find a cure for the cancer she had, Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is the most powerful cancer that a child can get. She knew that all the other children wanted their cancer and tumors to go away.

Alex was also a confident little girl. She decided to make her lemonade stand “Alex’s lemonade”. Alex sold her lemonade at 50 cents per cup. People started to give $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills asking for no change back. Over the next couple of years more lemonade stands were being held. In 2004 she raised over 1 million dollars with battling her own cancer. Alex continued to hold yearly lemonade stands in her front yard.

In August of 2004, Alex passed away at the age of 8. People now donate money to her fund. Her family and supporters are still continuing her foundation for childhood cancer. She will always be remembered for what great things she did.

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