Young Heroes

Alexandra Scott

by Solina from Chicago

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My hero is Alexandra Scott. She was born in Manchester on January 18, 1996. Alexandra is only 16 years old. I chose Alexandra as my hero because she demonstrates several positive traits. For example, she is very warm hearted, brave and she cares about everyone.

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Shortly before her first birthday she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. When she was diagnosed with nerublastoma she could not walk but soon she tried walking. Also she tried kicking and moving her legs. By her second birthday she was able to crawl and stand up.

The day after her fourth birthday, Alexandra received a stem cell transplant and informed her mother, "When I get out of the hospital I want to have a lemonade stand." She said she wanted to give the money to doctors to allow them to "help other kids, like they helped me." Then she held her first lemonade stand later that year with the help of her older brother and raised $2,000 for her hospital.

While Alexandra was bravely battling her cancer, she still continued holding her lemonade stand in front of her yard to benefit childhood cancer research. News spread of the remarkable sick child dedicated to helping other sick children. People all over the world were moved by her story, so they made their own lemonade stand and donate the money to Alexandra and her cause.

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In August 2004, Alexandra has passed away at the age of 8. She has raised more than $1 million to help find a cure for the disease that took her life. Alexandra's family including her brothers, they still carry on her inspiring legacy through Alexandra's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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