Alexandra Scott

by Jessenia from Barrie

Alexandra at her lemonade stand. (
Alexandra at her lemonade stand. (

My hero is Alexandra Scott a brave girl, yet so small. I chose her because she inspires me. She was so small and sick, but she did so much to help out cancer research. Even though she had cancer herself she kept on trying no matter how she felt.

Alexandra Scott was born January 18, 1996 in Manchester, Connecticut. In school she only finished up to the second grade, though she loved everything in school. She had a mom named Liz Scott, a dad named Jay Scott and three brothers named Patrick, Eddie and Joey.

At the age of one Alexandra was told she had neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. Neuroblastoma is when you have a tumor in your brain formed by cells called neuroblasts. The tumor would be able to spread throughout the whole body. She knew she had to do something about it and that's when it all started.

Alexandra Scott had seen so many people with neuroblastoma and she knew how they felt. She wanted to do something to help them. All the children and adults with neuroblastoma influenced her to do what she did. She started a lemonade stand to help them. Soon everyone was starting their own lemonade stand to help Alex with her goal. Alexandra's goal was to raise a million dollars for cancer research.

There were a couple of things that stopped Alex from doing what she wanted to do. The fact that she had cancer herself. Also she was feeling weaker every day.

When Alexandra Scott was younger she was told that because of her cancer she would probably not be able to walk. By the age of two she was able to use leg braces. She started her lemonade stand at the age of four. Alexandra Scott has also met Oprah.

From all of this Alex was able to achieve many things. She started her own foundation called Alex's lemonade there you can also read more about her. Lastly people are still donating money to the cause in remembrance of her. As a girl she wanted to grow up to be a fashion designer. Her favorite show was Pokemon and American Idol. Her favorite food was french fries and her favorite sport was soccer.

Alexandra Scott shows four characteristics: courage, empathy, optimism and caring. She showed courage by trying to fight her cancer. She showed empathy by knowing how other people felt and trying to help them. She showed optimism because she always maintain a positive attitude and she had a hope for the future. Finally she showed caring by caring about how other people felt and she wanted to help them.

Alexandra Scott influences me because she always kept on trying. She sadly died on August 1, 2004. She will always be remembered as a very brave girl.

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