Alexandra Scott

by erika

Ka-ching ka-ching, what's that sound? It's the sound of Alexandra Scott raising money for the cure of cancer! Alexandra Scott was born with a rough life but, had a lemonade stand for the cure of cancer and most of all; her lemonade stand is nationwide.

Alexandra Scott was born with a very rough life. When she was born the doctors found a tumor on her back the size of a baseball. Two days before her first birthday she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a tumor that occurs in the tissues of the sympathetic system in small children and infants. When Alexandra was in the hospital she said to her mother, "When I get home I'm going to have a lemonade stand". Alexandra Scott is a confident fighter!

That lemonade stand did happen! Alexandra Scott started the lemonade stand when she was 4 years old. Alexandra Scott gave the proceeds to "her hospital" to help find the cure of cancer. Over the past, lemonade stands she had started made about $10,000. Alexandra has made the total of over $900,000 through past years. Alexandra Scott is confident sitting outside even while sick, raising money to find the cure for cancer.

Alexandra Scott is an inspiring little girl and her lemonade stand became nationwide. The fantastic lemonade stand is popping up all over the world! Stores like Walmart and CVS started to sell signs that said Alex's Lemonade Stand. All of the kids that had lemonade stands for her; the money would go to the charity that she gave her money to. Alexandra Scott is a young hero to remember because of her nationwide lemonade stand.

Alexandra Scott is a hard worker and doesn't give up. She has been through a rough life as a kid, even had a lemonade stand when she was sick, and that lemonade stand became nationwide.

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