Airport Security

by Kennedy and Taz from Cookstown, Canada

Where in the world do you feel completely safe? Did you know you are near some of the biggest threats? Why do you feel so safe? Well an airport is just this situation. A hero to us is someone who helps people and whose actions are for the better of good and who does not expect anything in return. The people that we chose for such an honour are airport security. In every airport all around the world, there are groups of people that are dedicated to keeping people out of harm’s way and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

We chose airport security to be our hero for three main reasons, they often go unrecognized by everyday society, they put their lives in potential danger everyday and because without security, traveling in the air would be have a different procedure and affair all together.

Everyday people go in and out of airports, thinking of where and when they are going. What they often forget is who is making their flights happen in a safe manner. Without airport security, flying would be greatly different. We would not have safety measures such as metal detectors and bomb sniffers, which help to seek out the risks and dangers that people could bring on flights. Without these various weapons can be brought onboard, such as guns and knives, which can be used to hurt people.

Airport security put their lives in jeopardy each and everyday. There are so many threats that could occur while they are on the job, such as a terrorist attack, hijacking, drug smuggling, etc… All of these factors are very unsafe, and there are various ways in which these can occur and which can be life threatening, but nevertheless, they still come in to work everyday, to protect us.

Without airport security it would be very unsafe to travel by airplane. There are many people from all over the world coming into the airports, all with different cultures and customs. Not everyone gets along and follows the same rules. Airport security is there to insure that the process of travelling by plane goes smoothly. They do this by instructing people and doing their job by inspecting people’s belongings to pick over any hazardous items.

Without airport security, the world of travelling in the air would be a completely different scenario itself. We wouldn’t be as safe as we are today and more and more terrorist attacks would occur. Without airport security, travel by airplanes wouldn’t be able to advance, because of safety. Airport security has truly inspired us and that’s why we chose them to be our hero.

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