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Ann Shoket

by Seline from Ladera Ranch

“There were a few times when I was younger that I burned bridges...and the people in this business are going to be in it for a long time. Just remember, life is long and the world is small
Ann Shoket at Seventeen event  (
Ann Shoket at Seventeen event (

I first became aware of Ann Shoket when I received my first Seventeen magazine. She is the prestigious editor in chief of the magazine. Her job seems really interesting because it requires critical thinking and creativity, as well as good people and marketing skills. Being the Editor in Chief of a successful magazine means you get to experience a lot of fun events and are able to meet a lot of interesting people. You also have to know how to work hard and get things done well on time and in budget.

Ann Shoket is the editor and Chief of Seventeen magazine. This requires a lot of hard work and a lot of time. She has to oversee anything that the magazine decides to do. This means all marketing plans, use of their online website and advertising, what goes inside the magazine, and how and when it is published. She has to plan, direct, and coordinate everything to get the magazine completed on time. She also has to make guest presentations to help publicize the magazine. She does this through America’s Next Top Model and a variety of other ways. A typical experienced Magazine editor makes $46,800 a year. Starting salaries are around $38,200 a year. To be a successful Magazine editor you have to work hard, stay organized, and learn to work on a deadline.

Ann Shoket in action (
Ann Shoket in action (

For college, Ann Shoket went to the New School and studied media management. She also went to New York University, where she received her Bachelor of Art degree. She worked hard during college and what she studied relates directly to her job. She’s so successful today because of how hard she had worked then. Ann didn’t start out as an editor, she had to work her way up and gain more experience. The first thing that Ann did outside of school to promote herself as a journalist was to create her own website. She used the website to publish her writing. This helped her become better known and it showed other writers, journalists, and publishers what she was capable of. Ann Shoket is dedicated to her work and puts all of her effort into her career. She proved this by working at a The American Lawyer, a magazine that she didn’t really aspire to work for. She did this so she could better equip herself for the job she really wanted. Before she became editor in chief at Seventeen, she was editor at Cosmogirl.

Ann Shoket uses her magazine to have a positive influence on young female teens around the country. She also has a firm stand against teen pregnancy. Various articles in her magazine illustrate normal and extreme teenage problems. This makes teenagers who experience the same problem hope to get better, and are comforted that they are not alone. Ann Shoket is an inspiration in herself, especially in the ways she assists adolescents. Ann says, “I feel a tremendous responsibility to help these girls grow up to be smart, amazing, self-actualized, fulfilled women” ( Ann Shoket really cares about the girls that read her magazine and works hard that what they read has a positive influence.

Ann Shoket on set of America's Next Top Model (
Ann Shoket on set of America's Next Top Model (

To reach my goal and be successful, like my personal career hero, I have to work hard and take certain steps toward my goal. In high school I hope to work on the newspaper to build my resume. This will help improve my writing and gain experience being a journalist. If I don’t make the newspaper, I’m really interested in being on yearbook. I’d also be interested in taking a ROP media design class. This would be very useful if I worked at a magazine. In college I hope to major in business and also study journalism and maybe design. I hope to graduate from a four year college. My lifetime goals would be to find a successful job that I love, just like Ann Shoket.

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