Teachers Heroes

Andrew Shuttleworth

by Camilo from Medellin

Andrew is known to his students as Mr.S. Mr.S had been working at the Columbus School in Medellín, Colombia for one year and he is my teacher. I really think he does very well. Mr.S’s job before teaching at the Columbus School was teaching at St.John’s primary school in London, England. Mr.S likes to teach because he “Likes to share knowledge.” The one who really inspired Mr.S was his Mom that was and is a teacher. He also was inspired by “20 years of bad teachers.”

Mr.S’s good days at work are when the children are prepared and ready to work “so then teaching is easy!” Mr.S’s bad days are when the children are not prepared and not ready to learn at school.

Mr.S’s hero is Gandhi because he inspired big change and did it non-violently. Mr.S, when he was a kid, he wanted to be a soccer player or a zoo keeper, ”but then I learned my strengths with children.”

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