Abu Ali Sina

by Zahra from Kashan

Hi, I am Zahra Khaligh from IRAN and this post it is about my hero:

Sheikh Alryys, Avicenna, Ali ibn Abdullah ibn Sina, is also known as Avicenna. Sina was born in the year 370 AH in the Khurmysn near Bukhara. He participated in discussions with Ismailis from childhood by his father. They were followers of Ismailis (a branch of Shia Islam). He was the genius in the science of his time, including increased medical skills.

One day the king of Bukhara, Nuh ibn Mansur (ruled from 366 to 387 AH) due to disease, invited him. Avicenna accessed the great libraries of Samani. Thus he became skillful in various science, including philosophy, logic, mathematics and biology. When Ibn Sina was eighteen years old, he no longer needed to read and learn any science because all science was learned, and it was necessary to increase the depth of their understanding and learned to understand.

Sina traveled from Rey to Hamadan to visit one of the rulers of ALE BUIE dynasty (Shams al-dole) .This trip was a great chance for Ibn Sina, Hamadan because after his arrival, he treated Shams al-dole, who was ill and all the doctors had been unable to cure  her. And when he cured her, he became responsible for caring for the queen for a few years until the death of Shams al-dole.

Finally when my hero was 58 years old, he died in Hamadan of Iran. 

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