Abu Ali Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

by Parham from Doha

Everybody must have a hero to follow his/her principles in his life, in order to become a successful person. He/ She can choose anyone, specially someone who was really famous, someone say like Ibn Sina or Einstein or Benjamin Franklin. Same thing is true about me. I have studied and learned about so many great people and it was a very challenging issue to pick someone as my Hero or example in life but after years of study I choose the top person in my list and he is no one except Abu Ali Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina (Avicenna).

As I mentioned in my last article, it is a fact that Ibn Sina was a great person all around the world. The people from all around the world had known Ibn Sina as a very intelligent and curious and a genius person, even people from the Middle Ages took him as a very great person and with a very high level of science and Philosophy knowledge. One of the things about Ibn Sina that makes me very attracted to him was this: “He wasn’t addicted to worldly materials and he uses his free time to go after his thinking and researches and, even in curing the illnesses that seems to be incurable that times he uses some kind of special treatments to cure his patients and this shows that he was an open minded person and he taught beyond his times and this is a really important thing for a person”.

The other special trait that makes me interested in Ibn Sina was this: even though Ibn Sina has some sort of bad problems in Medical science, Theology and other fields Ibn Sina was a very good person in poetry and playing musical instruments because he taught that with being in other fields except just science it makes your brain become more open and it helps brain to think better and able to solve the issues better and makes the human complete; he has 6 essays in Arts field, that’s way I choose to play Iranian musical instrument Setar. He is an example of a complete person who used his abilities that God gave to him and it exists in any person. So why I choose Ibn Sina?

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