Lifesavers Heroes

Alek Skarlatos

by Julie from Lille

I would like to Tell you about my hero: Alek SKARLATOS .

He was born in 10th October 1992. He's an American soldier. Alek has been in The Oregon Army National Guard since 2012.

One day , a man tried to do a terrorist attack in a Thalys-train from Amsterdam to Paris. He carried guns and one box-cutter but Alek with two other friends risked their lives to stop him . He jumped on the man and grabbed his guns. He saved many lives. I think he's a very brave and fearless man. He is generous and selfless.

He was awarded the soldier's medal and the French Legion of Honour. He was able to risk his life for other people's lives. People in the Thalys were anonymous so he was able to save the lives of many people in danger. A lot of countries including mine are victims of Terrorists and with more people like him the world would be better.

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