Amberley Snydner

by Locke from Spanish Fork

Amberley in her FFA dress (Google (UT FFA))
Amberley in her FFA dress (Google (UT FFA))

Amberley was the Utah state FFA president in the 2009-2010 school year, when she rolled her truck. Amberly was thrown from the vehicle and was tangled in a barbwire fence. At the moment of impact she knew something was wrong. She couldn't feel anything below her mid back. She had broken it. Amberley is my hero because she went through an extremely hard ordeal but never let anything get her down.

Amberley's truck was totaled. And Amberley herself was stuck in a fence. She immediately started texting her Spanish Fork FFA advisers. Telling them she had wrecked her truck and couldn't feel her legs. I do not know the exact details of the conversation that followed, but i do know that Amberley did text them saying "I have to go, the helicopter is here."

After the accident, the doctors told Amberley that she would never walk again. She very stubbornly told them she would. As time went on she gradually got more and more feeling. Right now she has complete feeling just above her knees and she can feel pressure mid way down her calves. She continues to progress and she won't stop until she can walk.

Before her accident Amberley had multiple scholarships in rodeo, for multiple school across the western states. She ran Barrels, Poles and Goat tying The doctors also said that she would never ride again, very stubbornly and adamantly she said she would. Amberley had her brother help her on and walk her around. Today she has a Barrel horse that lays down so she can get on from her wheelchair. She has been participating in amateur pro rodeo since. She hopes to continue her career in rodeo.

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