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Arturo Solis

by Melanie from San Diego

Arturo Solis ( ())
Arturo Solis ( ())

Many people have different heroes like for example one could be their family members, celebrities, even superheroes like Superman, but my hero is my math teacher. My math teacher is awesome, he is the real deal, he will make you laugh all the time, and if you need help he will come to the rescue and give you great advice. He has always helped me when I was in tough times and he always made me laugh when I was down. I always remind myself of this phrase that went, "I will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude."

My math teacher's name is Arturo Solis, but he goes by Mr. Solis. His biggest influence in his life was his parents because they came to the U.S to have a better life for their children and a better education. Other influences of his were his middle and high school math teachers because they made learning fun. I could relate to that because Mr.Solis always made math fun by making jokes or not giving up on us.

Sweet Water High School District ( ())
Sweet Water High School District ( ())

Mr. Solis has accomplished many things in life like graduating from the University of California, San Diego, making his parents proud and becoming a math teacher. Also he accomplished being part of the Sweet Water High School District and making a difference in people's lives. He for sure has made a big difference in my life I learned from him to always have a positive attitude when bad things come up, I learned to not care what others think of me, and certainly I learned math by him never giving up on me and my class.

By his action people's lives changed by getting an education, He feels good about how former students tell him how they graduated and thanked him for all his support. As my hero I have changed a lot from what he has told me. I learned to stay calm and to focus on education rather than being mad at something. For certain I know that God does things for a reason, and there is a really good reason why he gave me a wonderful hero in my life.

There are a lot of people who need support like Mr.Solis has done for others. Mr.Solis had a tough time when growing up as a Mexican, always getting pulled over, and being handcuffed for no reason. His reaction to all of this was having a positive attitude by staying strong and finishing his education. He fought against popular opinion by stating his rejections in a positive way. He stood up for himself and tried not to stay quiet. I have learned from him to stand up for myself by not having attitude, but attitude in a positive way.

There should be a lot of people like him around the world who support others that need advice on how to stay positive or how to persevere. Mr.Solis has impacted many people's lives in a positive way and they understand the importance of education. Also he wanted to prepare them for college, their career, and a better brighter future. He hoped he had made a "dent" in their lives. I know for sure he didn't make a dent in my life he changed my whole entire life. I will always remember Mr. Solis as my hero who made me laugh. Some people never believed in heroes, but they still haven't met my math teacher.

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