Aaron Spitz

by Zachary from Laguna Beach

Dad you're the best!!!

When you think of a hero you probably think of spiderman or batman but there are also every day heroes like doctors or firemen. They both can be heroes too!In this case, I chose my dad because he's hard working, is confident, and has a lot of courage.

I know he is hard working because he tries his best to help his patients, and when he's doing surgery he always does his best even when the odds are against him. He always stays up late doing homework because he wants to spend more time with his family. He also is determined to make a sick person better, and spends a lot of time trying to do so.

I know he is confident because he always tries his best working and focuses on whatever he's doing. He also doesn't do a sloppy job at work. When he's doing work he's serious and doesn't joke around. He works really hard at work trying to cure the patient. Sometimes he spends 30 minutes to one hour on one patient.

He also has a lot of courage, I know that because he never gives up even if the going gets tough. When he gets a call from a patient, he does it first thing before anything else.

As you can see, my dad is my hero because he is hard working, confident, and has courage. I think all heroes should be celebrated for what they do. So the next time you think of a hero it might not be Spiderman or Batman, it might be an average person because all people can make differences.

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