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Annie Sullivan

by Kasandra from Chambersburg

Many women can be heroes but Annie Sullivan is one of the greatest ones. She was born on April 14, 1866. Her birthplace was Feeding Hill, Massachusetts. Annie was a daughter of Thomas Sullivan and Alice Cloesy. She had two siblings named Mary and Jimmie who had tuberculosis. Sullivan was not only brave but was often called a miracle worker and an outstanding person.

This woman was a brave one. Sullivan contracted a disease called trachoma at the age of five. Trachoma is an infection in your eyes that often results in blindness. At the age of 15 she had an operation that restored some of her vision. Another reason why she is brave is because she had to overcome many obstacles without her parents, and her brother died shortly thereafter.

Sullivan is a miracle worker. She became a teacher for the blind and deaf. Annie moved to Tuscumbia, Alabama where the Keller’s lived. Helen Keller became a student of hers because she was also blind and deaf. Annie Sullivan taught Helen how to read, write, speak, and to understand the world around her.

I believe an outstanding person like this is a great hero. Later in Annie’s life, she and Helen attended Radcliffe College and graduated, fulfilling a dream they both shared. Helen published a book in 1902 called, The Story of My Life. They went to Hollywood to film a movie called, Deliverance, which was based on their lives. Through their work, Annie and Helen raised two million dollars for the blind. They cared about others and putting others before themselves is something they did!!

Annie Sullivan is one of the greatest people. In 1930-31 Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recognized Annie and Helen’s achievements. Sadly, on October 20, 1936 Annie Sullivan Macy died at home in Forest Hills, New York. She was brave, a miracle worker, and was outstanding for the great things she did.

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