Annie Sullivan

by Tuenebari from Baltimore


Some people's opinions of heroes are that they are cool. I disagree with them because I think a hero is someone who is always determined, risk taking and intelligent. So I say that Annie Sullivan meets these three traits. Annie Sullivan was born in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts her mother died when she was young, probably from tuberculosis. Then Annie was put in an orphanage where they treated her eye from trachoma where she would go half blind and also go to school for the blind.

Annie’s first job and last was to teach a deaf and blind girl named Helen Keller. She was determined to help Helen. The first work she did was to teach Helen that words have a meaning. She taught when Helen would fight back, she taught when Helen would only listen if she had treats. She even stood up for her beliefs on how to teach Helen then to do it the way Helen's parents wanted.

Annie’s determination made her a riskbtaker as well. She took the risk to get hit by Helen just to teach her. She took the risk to take the job of teaching a blind and deaf girl named Helen. Third she took a risk when asking to take Helen to Mr. Keller’s old shed so she can teach Helen to have good manners.

Annie’s risk taking made her be very intelligent. She knew that she needed to get Helen to have good manners, so she took her to the shed so only she will be near Helen to teach her. Next she finally taught Helen that words have meaning. After that she taught Helen what words do in her life and different ways of words. Last she was awarded honorary degrees from Temple University with Helen Keller and also won honorary fellowships from the Educational Institute of Scotland.

Annie Sullivan is a great role model to kids and everybody. She shows how everybody can learn, even if you’re blind or deaf. This is why Annie Sullivan is a hero: they can use these ways for other blind and deaf people. Next she also taught Helen until she died in a hospital bed while Helen was holding her hand these three traits are what makes some heroes.

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