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Anne Sullivan

by Paxton from Wallingford


Anne was born on April 14th, 1866. She was born in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. Throughout her life she was trying to help Helen Keller learn to read and to write. She was helping Helen because Helen was born blind and deaf. Soon after she was born, Anne started to help her learn. Anne's actions were important because she wanted to help Helen learn. She wanted to make Helen successful and be able to do something instead of just being entirely useless in life. If it wasn't for Anne's help, Helen would probably never have learned to read and write. It was Anne's patients that helped Helen.

Anne was known to be a very generous and kind person. She helped Helen to have the ability to read and write. She helped Helen for a very long time. She was never a cocky person. She helped Helen out of the goodness of her heart. She treated Helen with respect and did the right thing by never giving up on Helen. Anne made sure that Helen was learning and understanding what she was learning. She would also never give up and she would sit with Helen. She wanted to make sure Helen would be successful and wouldn't fail just because of her disabilities. She also got Helen into college and taught that anything is possible and you can do anything as long as you keep trying. Anne taught people that anyone can do anything as long as you never give up. She also made sure that even a blind and deaf person can do the hardest thing possible- read and write. One of her famous quotes were "Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.”

Anne made sure that Helen would read and write no matter how hard it might be. She is someone who I look up to. She is someone who I would hope to be like. She is a very respectable person and someone whom I admire. She sat with Helen everyday and taught her life lessons about not giving up and also learning to read and to write. She also had to use Braille to make understanding easier for the both of them. And even though it was hard for Anne and for Helen, Anne never gave up on Helen and just kept moving forward. She taught people that giving up is the same thing as failure and failure gets you nowhere in life. She also taught us that it's good to do things for people that can help them. Another famous quote of hers is, "People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most insignificant success is achieved."

A person who would think that person does not deserve to be a hero is someone who thinks that everyone is responsible for themselves and no one needs help in life. This kind of person probably didn't succeed as much as someone would have if they received help. This person or people probably failed more than they succeeded. A person with this attitude would tell my hero that they don't need to help out a person. They would make a hero feel bad and tell them that they really aren’t a hero and that they don't need to help anyone out. They would also tell my hero that they are just doing what they are doing for they glory and are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. My hero would avoid that by ignoring all of it and thinking positive. They would completely put them out of their minds. A hero wouldn't listen and know that a person with a negative attitude is just jealous and wants to be heard.

Anne Sullivan Macy left a great legacy behind. She taught people that if you try and not give up, you can do anything. She is someone that will always be remembered. She taught people that anything is possible. She got a deaf and blind person into a college because she didn't give up on her and knew that Helen Keller would be successful. Everyone will always remember Anne because she is someone that everyone should look up to. That is why she is a hero to me.

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Who exactly is a hero? My hero spent most of her life dedicated to helping Helen Keller to read and to write because Helen was both blind and deaf. My hero is Anne Sullivan. She was also known as Annie. Anne was a hero because she was always willing to help Helen. She sat by Helen everyday helping read and write using Braille. That helped Helen read. In this essay I will prove that Anne Sullivan is a hero because she is someone who I look up to. She did the right thing and helped people overcome obstacles. She wasn't a cocky person and she treated people with respect.