Teachers Heroes

Anne Sullivan Macy

by Jaidev from Fremont

Anne Sullivan Macy was a women of intelligence and passion which lead her to overcome her past. Anne was a pioneer of education, and her work with Helen Keller was a start for the children who were blind or/and deaf. Her personal story remains unknown. When she became married with John Albert Macy in 1905, she burned her journals so her husband wouldn’t read them.

Now let me talk more about her childhood. Anne was the eldest daughter of a poor Irish family. She was born in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts on April 14, 1866. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother died by a disease called tuberculosis. When Anne was 7 a bacteria affected her eyes. She was almost blind till she took an operation at age 15. After that, she graduated from The Perkins School for the Blind and accepted to tutor Helen. She helped her a lot and, during a trip to Scotland many years later, she suffered from a disease and finally died on October 20, 1936. I picked her as my hero because she tutored Helen Keller and supported her throughout her life.

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