Alexander Suvorov

by Kostya from Tselina, Russia

In my opinion a hero is a person, who is ready to sacrifice his life. Someone who loves his Motherland over everything and cares about the prosperity of his country; an example for other people. He is a person with a conscience; truthful; a man of honor, a person who hasn't lost his moral orientation. He must be a man with a wide soul and kind-hearted. Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov is my hero because he had all these qualities.

Suvorov was born in 1730 to a noble family. His father was a general. Suvorov was short. His appearance was casual. In his childhood he had poor health. His father wanted him to be a statesman. But he always dreamed to serve in the army. He decided to train himself. In early morning he refreshed himself by jumping into a trough of icy water. He trained his body and brain. He read many books about great warriors. He knew the works of the famous French general Vauban by heart. Suvorov entered the army circa 1740 as a boy. At the age of 15 he began military service as a private in the Semenovski Lifeguard Infantry Regiment.

He served against the Swedes during the war in Finland and against the Prussians during the Seven Years' War (1756 - 1763), he also commanded a flying column (Cossacks + hussars) in a series of spectacularly successful actions against the famous Prussian hussars. At the age of 33 Suvorov became a colonel. Then he served in Poland during the Confederation of Bar, dispersed the Polish forces under Pułaski, captured Kraków (1768) paving the way for the first partition of Poland between Austria, Prussia and Russia, and reached the rank of major-general. The Russo-Turkish War of 1768–1774, storm of the reputedly impenetrable fortress of Ismail in Bessarabia and…. But he was one of the few great generals in history who never lost a battle. During campaign Suvorov often slept on fresh straw with his soldiers, ate their food, spoke their language. This great general understood his soldiers and their needs. He was brave, clever, had a sense of humor. He knew a lot of jokes, funny stories and told them to his soldiers. And they loved, respected and believed him. Suvorov always took care of them. Suvorov was born for war but he wasn’t cruel. He said: “A soldier is not a robber.” He ordered to spare an enemy. Suvorov knew everything in military service and could inspire any soldier. He respected everyone: a general, an officer or a soldier. In his military career Suvorov was wounded many times, three of them in the right leg alone. Suvorov was one of the greatest military commanders who ever lived. He was the fourth and last generalissimus of the Russian Empire. On 18 May 1800 Suvorov died in Saint Petersburg. We are proud of him.

Alexander Suvorov liked to say “Train hard, fight easy.” It is my motto now. I chose Alexander Suvorov as my hero because he had so many heroic values I wish I could have. He was brave, honest, smart and strong. He had a great sense of humour and loved Russia. I respected him because he is a real patriot, who worked honestly for strengthening the power of our nation. Alexander Suvorov is a hero to many people, not only to me. That’s why he is my hero.

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