Adil Taarabt

by Yasine Ait Ahmed from Taroudant

Hello epals. My hero is like a member of family because he's always at home. Since I like football, I watch his games a lot. His name is Adel Taarabt.

He's handsome, young and well-built. He's a great scorer and dribbler. I like him because he plays football well and is a professional player in England. I also like him because he scored many goals for the Moroccan national team. He helped us qualify to the African championship.

Taarabt for me is amazing when he has the ball on his feet. No one can take from him. He plays funnily and happily. He cheers the audience and his fans. I always watch his games in the Premiership.

Taarabt 's a real hero for me as he makes my country known all over the world.

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